Adam Fears – Golden Gravel Road – CD Review

Once glance at the front cover of Adam Fears latest CD, ‘Golden Gravel Road’ and your first thought is ‘OK, here’s another bro country guy from Nashville.’ That’s your first mistake and hopefully you won’t make a second one by not giving the CD a listen. Sure there’s some slick ‘feel good’ tunes that might sound a bit polished by Texas standards, but don’t let that fool you. Fears is Texas through and through, hailing from the small town of Whitehouse, Texas and a full blooded A&M graduate. From the opening beat of “Summer on Fire,” you realize that Fears put some serious time and money on this project. It’s a major step forward from the 2007 release “You Get Me” and that was intentional on Fears part. “Boyz on the Hood” might be his most commercial track and true, you could compare it to anything Luke Bryan has ever recorded. By the time “There’s A Girl Out There” gets started; you know this isn’t some watered down Nashville schlock. If this song isn’t a major hit, then our entire country is tone deaf. As an accomplished lead guitarist, Fears adds tasteful licks on several tracks as well as co-writing seven of the ten songs. “Geronimo & Jesus” lets you know where Adam stands on things in his personal life, like it or not. He’s been in Nashville several years now and co-writes with some of the best writers in town, but you can tell which tunes came from Adam’s pen. You can take the boy out of Texas but, well you know the rest. He’s known for his high energy live shows but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know his way around a tender ballad, as a listen to “Kissin’ On You” proves. The title track can fit anyone’s life, as the singer says goodbye to his beloved Grandfather. We’ve all been there and understand this song perfectly. The CD closes with Adam’s lead guitar ripping out a screaming beat paired with feel good lyrics that are guaranteed to make you drive way to fast and drink way to much beer. Check out his schedule at and catch one of his shows the next time he comes home to his Lone Star State. That’s what I’m planning on doing, you should too.

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