CD Review – Billy Ray Cyrus – Shot Full of Love

Billy Ray Cyrus – Shot Full Of Love

Mercury Records

For Nashville artist Billy Ray Cyrus, this past year has been one of many changes. From his appearance, his music, even his overall attitude about the music business. He took the first six months of the year off, to re-evaluate his career and future. He re-emerged in June to accept five awards on the TNN Music City News Country Awards ceremony. One of his decisions was to make an album that was completely different from anything he had ever done in the past. Using the best Nashville studio musicians as opposed to his road band, he carefully selected the best songs available. Together they completed “Shot Full Of Love,” in record time. The album seems to have something for everyone. There’s straight forward country songs like, “Touchy Subject,” “His Shoes,” and “How’s My World Treatin’ You.” There are some rockers, “Under The Hood” and “Rock This Planet.” He uses a string section for the first time on “The American Dream.” The album is good, his best in years. Especially the first single, “Busy Man.” That song is worth the price of the CD alone. Yes sir, old Billy Ray has done a great job. No line dancing here!

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