CD Review – Ricky Skaggs: Ancient Tones

Ricky Skaggs – Ancient Tones

When it comes to classic country music, few artist can capture the purity of Ricky Skaggs. Releasing a new album on his own label makes perfect sense,  given his intense desire to preserve country music in it’s barest of roots. As a followup to his successful “Bluegrass Rules” collection of last year, “Ancient Tones” takes the idea one step further. Ricky again picks a handful of country and bluegrass standards, only this time he injects a few newer sounds and ideas that are uniquely his own. Ricky also penned a few tunes himself to round out the package, including the fantastic “Connemara” and the traditional arrangement on “Little Bessie.” The other songs covered here were mainly written by Ralph Stanley and Bill Monroe, each monumental figures in the world of bluegrass music. Just listen to the high harmonies on “Carolina Mountain Home.” A Stanley classic for decades, Ricky makes it his own by the end of the first verse. A superb vocalist and picker, Skaggs has the ability to copy a classic, yet be totally original at the same time.  If you think no one is recording pure bluegrass music anymore, you haven’t been listening to the right artist.

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