Music News – April 23, 2020

Does anyone know what day it is? Or what month we are in? Has it really been a month that we’ve been stuck at home? At my house we have lost all track of time. We are staying up all night, sleeping late, eating enchiladas for breakfast, having ice cream for dinner and binge-watching dozens of shows on Netflix. Our dog Buddy is totally confused, he has no idea what’s going on and follows every step we take. He’s afraid he’s going to miss out on a late-night run to Sonic for tater tots and a milkshake. We still have another week of April to get through and at press time it looks like the first week of May might see the return of live music. The Americana Jam is still on the calendar for May 17 so there is light at the end of this dark tunnel. Hopefully, you were able to catch the KNBT-FM broadcast last Saturday of some older Jams. Meanwhile all of our musician’s friends are still at home, off the road and unable to earn a living. Just as I’ve been doing for the past few weeks, I checked in on some of them to see how they are doing.


Rodney Crowell, singer, songwriter, a true Texas icon, Nashville, TN.

Rodney Crowell is one of our most gifted songwriters. Born in Houston, he moved to Nashville in the 70’s and became a major star. Crowell is a regular performer on our local stages. When I checked in with him, he only had a few words to share about how COVID-19 had affected him.

“I can only say that Covid19 needlessly took John Prine and that’s as much as I’m willing to say about this time we’re all trying to make sense of. Stay safe and well.”


Kevin Post, singer, songwriter, guitarist for Blake Shelton, Nashville, TN.

I met Kevin back in the 90’s when he was playing guitar for Terri Clark. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and now he plays for country artist Blake Shelton and appears on the TV show, The Voice. “I’m hanging out at home in Nashville,” said Kevin. “Every gig I’ve had has been cancelled, not even sure if I will get to play steel guitar on The Voice this season. Blake’s tour was cancelled after four weeks, not rescheduled, just refunded tickets. Major bummer. I’m working on my next album, which tentatively is called ‘Them Blue Skies’ which might also be the first single. Also, working on my golf game a lot even though the courses are closed, we can still play because of some legal technicality. Unfortunately, the course is only a few hundred yards from where the recent tornado’s hit, so there are many torn up houses right near the course. I’ve been listening to Bill Withers a lot since he passed away recently, RIP, he was an inspiration as a musician and a man in general. Financially, I’m doing alright, I’ve always been good with my money. I don’t have to apply for any assistance right now, but I might donate some of my time, as Nashville was hit with a tornado, then the pandemic back to back.”


Max Stalling, Texas singer, songwriter, can be seen on our local stages, Dallas, TX.

Max and his wife Heather are staples on the Texas stages and Max is one of our favorite songwriters. “We are holed up here in Dallas.  We considered bugging out to either my hometown of Crystal City or my wife’s parents place in Salado but ultimately decided we needed to be home through all this. All of our shows have been cancelled. Honestly, we seem to never have enough time in a day, very little actual downtime. It takes a lot of energy to keep your nose above the waterline. We spend a lot of our time working on moving the canceled dates to later in the year, sorting out our path forward, preparing for the live streaming stuff we are doing (that takes a lot more energy and prep than we realized). I only wish we were finding time to write new songs! We have listened to a lot of John Prine lately, since he passed away from COVID no less than a week ago. Also, lots of Haggard. Then we spend a lot of time following our friends on their live streaming stuff on the internet. Some of our band are seeking government help and some are not. We have spent a lot of time sorting out what the right thing to do is. So far, none of us have had to get a day job. Everybody has teaching gigs that help offset circumstances that allow for the tiniest bit of breathing room. Heather and I are doing a weekly live stream on Facebook and Instagram called “We Ain’t Drinking Alone” Wednesdays!”


Ray Wylie Hubbard, iconic singer, songwriter, author, Wimberley, TX.

Ray Wylie Hubbard is one of our most beloved songwriters. Few can match his wit, humor, and talent when it comes to the art of songwriting. This is the guy that wrote ‘Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother’ and ‘Snake Farm.’ That alone makes him a true legend among Texas musicians. “Judy and I are at home in Wimberley. About 20 something gigs were cancelled or rescheduled. We were scheduled to play Gruene Hall and record a video in mid-March and poof, gone. I am writing of course, but we got a new record coming out in July, so we are working on the campaign for that. I’m not listening to a lot of music but reading Joseph Campbell and Sylvie Simmons, these are priorities at the moment. As far as checking on the government assistance, Judy handles all that. The only person I’ve known that got the virus was John Prine, it was a rough loss. Otherwise I’m just hanging tough, stay safe, yours truly. Ray Wylie.” Ray has a new CD coming in July titled ‘Co-Starring.’ The first single is called Bad Trick and features Ringo Starr on drums, Don Was on bass, Joe Walsh on guitar and Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes on guest vocals.


Drew Kennedy, singer, songwriter, author, New Braunfels, TX.

Drew is one of our favorite local musicians. Everyone loves Drew. He is one half of the Topo Chico Cowboys duo with his friend Josh Grider. He is also one of the first local musicians to write a novel. Fresh Water From the Salton Sea tells the story of a traveling musician, a subject that Drew knows a lot about. “We are here at home in New Braunfels and all of my gigs were cancelled. I’m writing with a lot of Nashville based writers via Zoom, usually 2 or 3 times a week. I’m listening to a lot of radio, WWOZ in New Orleans, Lightning 100 in Nashville, and of course, the greatest radio station in the world 92.1 KNBT. Also listening to plenty of John Prine this week, sadly. Since it’s just me, I haven’t filed for any government help. I still get a draw (money) from BMG Music as part of my publishing deal and I am eternally grateful for that at the moment. I’ve had some friends get the virus and most are well on their way to a full recovery. I’m doing live streams every Monday from my backyard at 8pm so be sure to tune in.


Catie Offerman, singer, songwriter, musician, Nashville, TN.

Catie is a singer, songwriter from New Braunfels who now lives in Nashville. “I’m back home in New Braunfels staying with my family. I wasn’t doing any full-time touring at the moment, but several private gigs were cancelled. I’m just trying to stay creative in general. I’ve been doing some writing via Zoom with people I normally write with back in Nashville. I’ve also been writing funny little quarantine songs by myself just to keep myself sane and still able to laugh! I’m also enjoying relaxing and spending quality time with my parents. It’s been a while since we’ve had that. We’ve also been cooking up a storm! I’ve been listening to a lot of Ray Price. It’s my dad’s favorite station on Pandora, and there’s something about listening to good ole classic country in Texas that naturally puts you in a better mood. So far, I’m not having to seek any government assistance, thankfully. I’m still employed by Universal Publishing in Nashville. I don’t have a full-time touring band yet. I’m in the middle of signing a record deal, so it’ll be happening more in the next year. So far, we are all healthy and well thankfully, doing our best to stay in and stay positive!







Live Streaming Concert Calendar

Almost every musician is doing some sort of virtual live streaming concert. As information becomes available, I’ll list those that maintain a regular schedule for their events. Events are listed alphabetically. To watch these shows, log onto their Facebook pages. Please tip the musicians if you can afford to at PayPal or Venmo.


Band of Heathens – Tuesday night Supper Club – Tuesday nights at 7:30pm


Brett Cline – Facebook Concerts at BCMusic Live – Thursday nights at 7pm


Carolyn Wonderland – Live From Wonderland – Wednesday nights at 8pm


Cody Canada – Facebook Concerts – Wednesday nights at 8:30pm


Drew Kennedy – Live in the Backyard – Monday nights at 8pm


Garth Brooks – Inside Studio G – Facebook Concert – Monday nights at 7pm


Max & Heather Stallings – We Ain’t Drinking Alone – Wednesday nights at 7pm


Reckless Kelly – Music From The Mountains – Sunday nights at 7pm


Wade Bowen – Wade’s World – Friday nights at 8pm


Zack Walther Band – Walther Wednesdays – Wednesday nights at 7pm

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