Music News – June 20, 2019

Country music has had a long line of duos from George and Tammy, Conway and Loretta and Johnny and June. Here in Texas we have Bruce and Kelly, which of course are Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis. This dynamic duo is married and just happens to be excellent singers and songwriters. They met in 1992, married in 1996 and have four children. I spoke with Bruce last week to get the details of their latest duet album, Beautiful Lie, which is their fourth one together. “I love my solo work,” explained Bruce, “but the stuff I do with Kelly is my favorite. I feel like I’m at my best when I work with her. Each time we decide to cut an album together, the reasons are different each time. This time we had recoded the Adam Wright song, If I Had A Rose and then we played some shows together. Kelly was saying that song was her favorite part of each show so we decided we’d do a new album to coincide with our summer tour. I checked out the rest of Adam’s catalog and we found two more of his songs we liked.” Bruce happens to be one of the best songwriters in the business but isn’t afraid to record other writer’s songs if they are a better fit for the album. “When I was first starting to write songs, I noticed that Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings wrote songs but also recorded other people’s songs. So, that’s how I approach things. When Kelly and I start an album, we may sing a lot of my songs and if they don’t sound right, we don’t use it. We are always looking for that magic when we sing them together. For instance we do a David Ball song called Lost My Best, and it’s a song he never recorded. It was like finding a lost Everly Brothers song. That’s what I love about the music business, it’s the stories behind the songs, it’s finding those hidden gems that become classics. That’s what I do with my Next Waltz video series, I connect all these cool stories and songs together.” Bruce and Kelly will be performing their first duet show at the Brauntex Theatre on Saturday June 29 so I asked him what the fans could expect at the show. “Man, we’ve rehearsed a lot of this new album so you’ll hear several new songs but all the old hits as well. We’re just so excited to have all these great new songs to play for the fans. It’s going to be so much fun, we can’t wait.” Tickets to see Bruce and Kelly are available now at


Dave Fenley Tours Texas

Country singer Dave Fenley will be back home in Texas this week for a series of shows in Dallas, San Antonio and here in our city. Two concerts will be at The Rustic, first in Dallas then in San Antonio before he stops in at the Villa at Gruene on Sunday. The 3pm start time will feature Amber Middleton, Bo Brumble and Garrett Mann opening the set. Born in the east Texas city of Lufkin, Fenley got his start singing in his local church choir. His father loved to sing and taught David how to sing harmony. During his high school years his family moved to Canada, which exposed Dave to another genre of music. At 15 years old he started writing songs and by 18 he was playing guitar and performing in local bars and nightclubs. I first saw Dave playing at various venues here in town shortly after he released his first CD, Pocket Full of Dirt. East Texas Lullaby was in steady rotation on KNBT and Dave was on his way up the charts as a force to be reckoned with in Texas. Before long he moved to Nashville and started writing songs for a living. He’s placed in the top percent on the TV shows The Voice and America’s Got Talent. This is a ticketed event so check out their website at for more information.


Roger Clyne Plays Sam’s Burger Joint

One of the mysterious things about the music business is that often the most talented musicians aren’t the most popular. Artists that I think should be selling out stadiums are playing small clubs instead. Roger Clyne falls into that category. Once the lead singer of the rock band The Refreshments, he started a solo career when that band broke up. He formed a new band in 1998 called the Peacemakers and released their first album, Honky Tonk Union in 1999. By the time he released Americano in 2004, Clyne had built a huge loyal fanbase. I saw him open for John Fogerty that year and was amazed that the crowd sang along with every song and knew all the words. Over 5,000 fans make the long trip every year to his Circus Mexicus Festival in Sonora, Mexico. Clyne is easily one of the most talented singer songwriters in the business but for some reason, the rest of the world hasn’t discovered him yet. A part of me is selfish and hopes they never do because you can still see him play at small clubs like Sam’s Burger Joint in San Antonio. He and the Peacemakers will play there next Wednesday night and tickets are still available at


Rocketman Soars Over Elton John’s Career

The latest rock star biography on the movie screen is Rocketman, which chronicles the life of Sir Elton John. Unlike the Queen and Motley Crue movies, this one is a musical. I must admit I was skeptical about seeing it because musicals have never been by favorite type of movie. I must say I was very impressed by how the movie was done. Yes, it’s a musical but it’s very well done. The movie follows Elton’s crazy career from childhood to huge rock star. The director took some artistic liberties with the stories timeline but he had Elton’s full cooperation while making the movie. For example, when Elton lands his first major record label audition, he sings some songs that weren’t written at the time, but it fits so well into the storyline, you don’t care if they bend the truth a little. Actor Taron Egerton plays Elton and does an amazing job at singing all these classic songs. Elton is currently on a three year retirement tour and will release his official autobiography in October.





Adobe Verde  (1724 Hunter Road, 830-629-0777)

Tonight – Tony Taylor – 6:30pm

Fri – Traveling Trees – 6:30pm

Sat – Bru’s Tunes – 6:30pm

Sun – JJ Garrett Duo – 6:30pm


Baja BBQ (280 Marina, Canyon Lake 830-935-3122) Fri – Toman Brothers – 8:30pm

Sat – Jimmy Spacek – 9pm

Sun – Bear Grammar – 5pm


Billy’s Ice (1193 Loop 337, 830-692-8169)

Tonight – Marcy Grace – 8:30pm

Fri – 3 Man Front – 8:30pm

Sat – The Lawless – 9:30pm

Sun – Keith Hickle – 3pm

Tue – Rio Tripiano – 8:30pm

Wed – Logun Timberlake – 8:30pm


Black Whale Pub (367 Main Plaza, 830-625-6605)

Tue – Aaron Stephens – 8pm


Brookshire Brothers (18275 FM 306, Canyon Lake 830-935-3130)

Fri – Broken Duckfeet – 7pm

Sat – Billy Snipes – 7pm


Cheatham Street Warehouse (119 Cheatham Street, San Marcos, 512-353-3777)

Tonight – Giovannie & the Hired Guns – 8pm

Fri – The Barrens / Ryan Ross Band – 8pm

Sat – Joshua Ray Walker – 8pm

Wed – Kent Finley Songwriters Circle – 8pm


Conway’s Dancehall  (262 W. Jahn St.  830-620-5376)

Tonight – 3 Man Front Duo – 7pm

Fri – Clever Name Band – 8:30pm

Sat – Bandreu – 9:30pm

Sun – Tyler Cannon – 3pm


Farmer’s Market (Castell Street Downtown)

Sat – Jeff Vaughn – 9:30am


Faust Brewing Company (499 S. Castell Street, 830-609-9086)

Tonight – Nate Guthrie – 7pm

Fri – Tex Porter Band – 7pm

Sat – Highway Hypnosis – 7pm


Floores Country Store  (14492 Old Bandera Rd  210-695-8827)

Fri – John Baumann / Mike Ryan / Eli Young Band – 7pm

Sat – Damon Curtis / Jake Ward – 7pm


Freiheit Country Store (2157 FM 1101, 830-625-9400)

Fri – Back in Black – Tribute to AC/DC – 7pm

Sat – Billy Mata – 7pm

Wed – Zack Walther Band – 6:30pm


Grapevine in Gruene  (1612 Hunter Rd  830-606-0093)

Tonight – Phil Luna – 5pm

Fri – Bret Graham – 5pm

Sat – Sylvia Kirk – 2pm / Robert Irwin – 6pm

Sun – Joey McGee – 1pm / Bret Graham – 5pm


Gristmill River Grill (1287 Gruene Road, 830-625-0684) Fri – Clifton Jansky – 7pm

Sat – Call For Band Info

Sun – Clifton Jansky – 6pm


Gruene Hall (1281 Gruene Rd   830-606-1281)

Tonight – Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros – 7pm

Fri – Tristen Marez / Jon Wolfe – 7pm

Sat – Lucas Ebert Band – 1pm / Mason Lively / Jon Wolfe – 9pm

Sun – Murali Coryell & Ernie Durawa – 12:30pm / Warren Hood Band – 5pm

Mon – Matt & Sylvia Kirk – 7pm

Tue – Two Tons of Steel – 7:30pm

Wed – The Georges – 7pm


Happy Cow (9103 FM 1102, Hunter, TX. 512-667-7510)

Fri – Matt Castillo & the Herdsmen – 8pm

Sat – The Revs / LC Rocks – 7pm


Inferno’s Pizza (1198 Gruene Rd, 830-629-2077)

Tonight – Don Riley – 6pm

Fri – Code 2 – 6pm

Sat – Anthony Wright Band – 6pm

Sun – Mike Kropp – 6pm


Krause’s Café (148 Castell, 830-632-5076)

Tonight – The Ooey Gooeys – 7pm

Fri – Tony Taylor – 4pm / Pete & Sean Williams – 7pm

Sat – Michael Alanis Trio – 7pm

Wed – The Oompahs – 7pm


L & L Dance Hall (11699 River Rd, 830-964 – 3455)

Fri – Keen Country – 7pm

Sat – Call For Band Info


Lonestar Float House (7430 River Road, 830-907-3866)

Sun – Coby Weir – 5pm


Luckenbach Dance Hall (412 Town Loop, Luckenbach 830-997-3224)

Tonight – BAM – 5pm

Fri – Radney Foster & Darden Smith – 8pm

Sat – Weldon Henson – 1pm / The Merles – 8pm

Sun – Hot Attacks – 1pm / Mike & Kathy Broussard – 5pm


Middleton Brewing (101 Oakwood Loop, San Marcos 512-847-3435)

Fri – Longtooth – 7pm

Sat – Gretchen & 2 Scotts – 7pm

Sun – Chris Lancaster – 3pm

Mon – Open Mic w/ Bill Middleton – 6pm


Muck & Fuss (295 E. San Antonio Street, 830-312-5387)

Tonight – March Divide – 6pm

Sat – Jess & Dave – 6pm

Sun – Blues Like It Usta Wuz – Noon


Phoenix Saloon (193 W San Antonio, 830-643-1400)

Tonight – Paul Handelman – 5:30pm

Fri – Larry Dial – 5pm / Soul Sessions – 9pm

Sat – Phoenix Karaoke – 9pm

Sun – Ken Raba – 3pm / Lucas Taylor – 7:30pm

Wed – Steven Vee – Noon / Open Mic w/ Billy Roy – 8:30pm


Pour Haus  (343 W San Antonio, 830-214-6033)

Tonight – Brent Michael Wood – 8:30pm

Fri – Dirty White Horse – 8:30pm

Sat – 3 Man Front – 9:30pm

Sun – Keith Hickle – 8:30pm

Mon – Cody Coggins – 8:30pm

Tue – Open Mic Night – 8:30pm

Wed – Skylar Hamilton – 8:30pm


Riley’s Tavern (8894 FM 1102 512-392-3132)

Tonight – Amanda Cunningham – 8pm

Fri – The Homebodies – 6pm / Roy Heinrich & the Pickups – 9pm

Sat – Ben Morris & the GABC – 9pm

Sun – Jarrod Sterett & Hired Guns – 4pm

Wed – Austin Mayse & Friends – 7pm


River Road Ice House (1791 Hueco Springs Loop 830-626-1335)

Tonight – Matt & Sylvia Kirk – 7pm


Rudy’s BBQ  (844 Loop 337,  830-609-3337)

Tonight – Pete Williams – 6pm


Sam’s Burger Joint (330 E Grayson St   210-223-2830)

Tonight – Mark Searcy – 7pm

Fri – Rob Baird – 8pm

Sat – Gina Chavez – 8pm

Sun – Whitey Johnson – 6pm

Wed – Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers – 7pm


Tavern in the Gruene (830 Gruene Rd, 830-608-0438)

Fri – Chilton Vance – 9pm

Sat – Pancho & Dean – 2pm / Cody Coggins – 9pm

Sun – Buddy Vargas – 2pm

Tue – Modern Day Jesters w/ Shawn Hart – 7:30pm

Wed – Jazz Jam w/ Brett Cline – 8pm


Villa at Gruene (1190 Gruene Rd,   830-625-9463)

Tonight – Hipsonic – 7pm

Fri – Kinky Wires w/ Myles Smith – 7pm

Sun – Dave Fenley – 3pm

Wed – Rio Tripiano – 7pm


Vino En Verde  (2351 Gruene Lake Dr.  830-620-4404)

Tonight – Darren Morrison – 7pm

Fri – Dave & Jess – 8pm

Sat – George Bitzer – 8:30pm


Watering Hole  (1390 McQueeney Rd  830-625-0045)

Tonight – Rick Rice Band – 8pm

Fri – Painted Pony – 8pm

Sat – Knotty Grove – 9pm

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