Music News – Oct. 3, 2019

Shortly before he passed away, Merle Haggard told his son Ben to take his band, go out on the road and keep his songs alive. Ben made good on his dad’s wish and is partnering with his brother Noel to spend a few years paying tribute to their father’s music. Once they complete this task, Ben will concentrate on his solo career. For a while he was content just playing guitar in his father’s band, the Strangers. Merle passed away on his 79th birthday so Ben and Noel hit the road and honored the remaining concerts that Merle had booked. “Dad and I had a talk about me singing his songs,” explained Ben. “He sat me down and said ‘Don’t feel weird or bad about playing my songs until you have your own. Don’t let nobody tell you can or can’t, because if they say you can’t, they’re wrong.’ You can witness their tribute to their father’s music tomorrow night at the Brauntex Theatre. The show starts at 7:30pm and tickets are available at


Abbey Road Turns 50

When the Beatles gathered in Abbey Road Studios in London on February 22, 1969 it was just three weeks after a disastrous conclusion to their sessions for the Let It Be album. That album saw the band at its most fractured. They argued constantly and rarely were in the studio together. Each member knew they were breaking up and were all ready to go their separate ways. Always the peacemaker, Paul McCartney convinced the group to try one more album and to record it like they did in their early days. He persuaded producer George Martin to handle the sessions and he agreed as long as they behaved themselves and followed his orders. McCartney knew the band was over and refused to let the sub-par Let It Be album be their final statement as a band. Between February 22 and August 20, the band hunkered down and recorded Abbey Road, a fitting conclusion to the most successful rock bands of all time. Last week, on September 26, the two surviving Beatles released a deluxe edition of Abbey Road to celebrate its 50th Anniversary. The expanded 3-CD set contains a remastered version of the original album plus two more discs with 23 outtakes and demos. In these never before heard versions there are many jewels, like the alternate take of I Want You (She’s So Heavy). The recording is interrupted by neighbors across the street complaining about the noise. John Lennon agrees to turn it down, then tells Paul, George and Ringo, “Ok mates, this is our last chance to be loud.” Normally when a band is breaking up, they save their best songs for their solo albums, but the Beatles were no normal band. Each member brought their best songs to the studio to show the world and themselves that they still had it. They were and always will be the best band in rock music.


Zac Brown Confuses Fans

While we are on the subject of albums, I’m always amazed at what makes one album a classic and another one a dud. True, the quality is often debatable, but when the masses all agree on something, it’s a good chance it’s true. This is the case with the new Zack Brown album titled The Owl. For his new release, Zac delves into rap, hip hop and electronic music, a vast change from his previous country and folk sounds. Then, to further the confusion, with no notice he releases a solo album two days later titled The Controversy. The first single from the solo album is an R-rated rap song called “Swayze.” It’s an ode to the late actor Patrick Swayze with a chorus that can’t be quoted in this paper. The response from his fans has been swift and brutal. Both albums and the single are being called the worst thing ever released in the history of recorded music. Granted, Brown grosses over $32 million a year in concert fees and is free to record and release anything he wants, but things may change quickly if he continues this route. Zac also got in hot water back in June when he accepted an award for CMT’s Best Group Video, after thanking the crowd be proceeded to use a four letter word that the censors were unable to bleep out. A few weeks ago at a concert at Fenway Park, Zac offended fans once again with an offensive skit onstage that made fun of dwarfism. Things seem to be a bit troubling in the Zac Brown camp and his fans are hoping he gets back on track soon.


John Arthur Martinez Pays Tribute to Texas Swing

When Kent Finlay opened Cheatham Street Warehouse in 1974, he welcomed songwriters from all over and before long he designated Wednesday nights as his songwriter’s circle, a tradition that continues today. Kent often talked about his ‘Class of ’87,’ a name he gave a group of young up and coming songwriters. This group included Hal Ketchum, Todd Snider, Terri Hendrix, James McMurtry, Bruce Robison and John Arthur Martinez. All of these songwriters went on to forge successful careers. Martinez earned second place in the Nashville Star TV Show, beating out Miranda Lambert to earn his runner up spot. He has recorded 14 albums in his career with the latest being ‘For The Love of Western Swing.’ It’s his salute to the music of legendary acts like Bob Willis & the Texas Playboys and Asleep at the Wheel. He’s joined on the new album by Walt & Tina Wilkins, Josh & Max Baca and Floyd Domino. Martinez is in the middle of CD release parties all over Texas so check him out on his website at





Aztec Theater  (104 N St Mary’s Street, San Antonio  210-812-4355)

Sun – Raconteurs – 7pm

Tue – Kali Uchis – 7pm


Billy’s Ice (1193 Loop 337, 830-692-8169)

Tonight – Jay Bleu – 8:30pm

Fri – Highway Hypnosis – 8:30pm

Sat – Smokehouse Guitar Army – 9:30pm

Sun – Austin James – 6pm

Tue – Myles Smith – 8:30pm

Wed – Logun Timberlake – 8:30pm


Black’s BBQ (936 Loop 337, 830-358-7006)

Fri – Reed Brothers – 6pm

Sat – Emily Herring – 6pm

Sun – Manzy Lowry – 1pm


Black Whale Pub (367 Main Plaza, 830-625-6605)

Tue – Aaron Stephens – 9pm


Brauntex Theatre (290 W. San Antonio, 830-627-0808)

Fri – Ben & Noel Haggard – 7:30pm


Brookshire Brothers (18275 FM 306, Canyon Lake 830-935-3130)

Fri – Slim Bawb & Fabulous Stumpgrinders – 7pm

Sat – Marc & Brian – 7pm


Cheatham Street Warehouse (119 Cheatham Street, San Marcos, 512-353-3777)

Tonight – Tom O’Connor / Randy Rogers – 8pm

Fri – Matt Caldwell – 8pm

Tue – Chris Colston – 8pm

Wed – Kent Finley Songwriters Circle – 8pm


Dam Red Barn (16520 S. Access Rd, Canyon Lake 830-964-3276)

Sat – Armadillo Road – 8:30pm

Sun – Jason Custer – 6pm


Devil’s Backbone Tavern (4041 FM 32, Fisher, TX)

Sat – Tessy Lou & Shotgun All Stars – 1pm

Sun – Charles Thibodeaux & Austin Cajun Aces – 1pm

Tue – Emily Gimble – 7pm


Farmer’s Market (Castell Street Downtown)

Sat – Steve & Dan – 9:30am


Faust Brewing Company (499 S. Castell Street, 830-609-9086)

Tonight – Chad Boyd – 6pm


Floores Country Store  (14492 Old Bandera Rd  210-695-8827)

Fri – Jarrod Morris / Steve Wariner – 7pm

Sat – Landon Bullard & Mostly Sober / Matt Castillo – 7pm


Freiheit Country Store (2157 FM 1101, 830-625-9400)

Tonight – Scotty Alexander / Bryan White – 7pm

Fri – Restless Heart – 7pm

Wed – Zack Walther Band – 6:30pm


Grapevine in Gruene  (1612 Hunter Rd  830-606-0093)

Fri – Candler Wilkinson – 5pm

Sat – Sylvia Kirk – 2pm


Gristmill River Grill (1287 Gruene Road, 830-625-0684) Sat – Clifton Jansky – 6pm


Gruene Grove (1263 Gruene Rd, 830-765-0300)

Tonight – Sonny Wolf – 7pm

Fri – Call For Band Info

Sat – Call For Band Info

Sun – Call For Band Info


Gruene Hall (1281 Gruene Rd   830-606-1281)

Tonight – Hollin McKay Band – 6pm

Fri – Rob Roy Parnell’s Blues Band – 7pm

Sat – Casper Rawls Band – 1pm / Stoney LaRue – 8pm

Sun – Peterson Brothers – 12:30pm / Tommy Elskes & Kings of Dixie – 5pm

Mon – Bret Graham – 6pm

Wed – Mitch Webb & Swindles – 6pm


Happy Cow (9103 FM 1102, Hunter, TX. 512-667-7510)

Fri – Wyzer – 8:30pm


The Hideaway (Formerly Conway’s)  (262 W. Jahn St.  830-620-5376)

Tonight – KNBT Toast Our Troops w/ Tom Gillam – 6pm


Krause’s Café (148 Castell, 830-632-5076)

Fri – Chubby Knuckle Choir – 7pm

Sat – Texas State Opera Sings Pop – 7pm

Wed – Comal Community Band – 6pm


Luckenbach Dance Hall (412 Town Loop, Luckenbach 830-997-3224)

Tonight – Jimmy Lee Saurage – 5pm

Fri – Vincent Neil Emerson / Charley Crockett – 8pm

Sat – Kathy Bauer Band – 1pm / Johnny Nicholas Trio / Los Texmaniacs – 8pm

Sun – Walt Wilkins & Nathan Hamilton – 1pm / Jake Martin – 5pm


Middleton Brewing (101 Oakwood Loop, San Marcos 512-847-3435)

Fri – Marvin Bottera & Broken Glass – 6:30pm

Sat – Beth & Back Road Boys – 7pm

Sun – Braydon Sink – 3pm

Mon – Open Mic w/ Bill Middleton – 6pm


Muck & Fuss (295 E. San Antonio Street, 830-312-5387)

Tonight – Nef Hernandez – 6:30pm

Fri – Nate Guthrie – 6:30pm

Wed – Open Mic Night – 6:30pm


NB House Concerts (250 Timber Wild, 210-617-3765)

Sun – Brooks Williams – 4:30pm


Our Lady Bar & Grille  (1720 Gruene Road  830-358-7545)

Wed – Uncle Wes – 7pm


Pale Horse & Sky Bar (2031 Central Plaza, Creekside 830-743-1067)

Tonight – Devon Jones Trio – 7pm / Chad Anderson – 8pm (Sky Bar)

Fri – Greg Grant – 6pm / Tony Taylor – 8pm (Sky Bar)

Sat – 3 Swings & A Miss – 7:30pm / Chad Anderson – 8pm (Sky Bar)


Phoenix Saloon (193 W San Antonio, 830-643-1400)

Tonight – Shawn Hart – 5:30pm

Fri – Jr Nash – 5pm / Tausha Jackson & Culture Jam – 9pm

Sat – Highway Hypnosis – 9pm

Sun – Jeffrey Ryan Vaughn – 3:30pm / Lucas Taylor – 7:30pm

Wed – Steven Vee – 1pm / Open Mic w/ Billy Roy – 8:30pm


Pour Haus  (343 W San Antonio, 830-214-6033)

Fri – Soul Sessions – 8:30pm

Sat – Kerosene Drifters – 9:30pm

Tue – Open Mic Night – 9pm


Riley’s Tavern (8894 FM 1102 512-392-3132)

Tonight – Britton Pyeatt – 7pm

Fri – The Jonathans – 6pm / James Hand – 9pm

Sat – Car Show / The Rubilators – 4pm

Wed – Nate Guthrie – 7pm


River Hofbrau & Beer Garden  (1515 Kuehler Ave,  830-626-2200)

Fri – Wayne Wilson – 6pm

Sat – Rich Bermea – 6pm


River Road Ice House (1791 Hueco Springs Loop 830-626-1335)

Sat – Wild Country – 7pm


Rudy’s BBQ (844 Loop 337, 830-609-3337)

Tonight – Zack Walther – 6pm


Sam’s Burger Joint (330 E Grayson St   210-223-2830)

Fri – Ruben V – 8pm

Sat – Eclipse – Tribute to Journey – 8pm


Tavern in the Gruene (830 Gruene Rd, 830-608-0438)

Tonight – Open Mic Night – 7:30pm

Fri – 3 Man Front – 9pm

Sat – Buddy Vargas – 2pm / Kim & Her Bad Habits – 9pm

Sun – Myles Smith – 2pm

Tue – Modern Day Jesters w/ Shawn Hart – 7:30pm


Villa at Gruene (1190 Gruene Rd,   830-625-9463)

Tonight – Nate Rodriguez – 7pm

Fri – Bill Ayers – 7pm

Sat – Clever Name Band – 7pm

Sun – Alli Mattice Band – 3pm

Wed – Bo Brumble, Amber Middleton, Garrett Mann – 7pm


Watering Hole  (1390 McQueeney Rd  830-625-0045)

Tonight – Rick Reyna Band – 8pm

Fri – The Homebodies – 8pm

Sat – Fast Movin Train – 9pm

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