Sam Riggs & The Night People – Outrun The Sun

Hot out of the gate, from Austin, by way of Florida, comes one of the best new groups I’ve heard in a long time. Their new CD is called ‘Outrun the Sun’ and simply put, this is one great album. In fact, you should buy today. When you get your copy, check out ‘Angola’s Lament.’ This is a song that will make you crank up the volume and drive 90 mph down a country road. OK, maybe you shouldn’t do that, but trust me, you’re going to want to. The album starts innocently enough with the pop sounding ‘Long Shot,’ a song that will have you singing along within a minute of the first line. These guys aren’t light weights, so hang in there until they hit full stride on ‘Oilfield Town,’ a mere three tracks in. This one will hit you between the eyes with the lyrics and the music. ‘Collide’ describes a typical night on the town after a messy breakup. Been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. They slow things down for ‘The Chase’ and ‘Someone Else’s Love Song,’ mainly to show you they have a sensitive side. It’s short lived because they charge back with ‘Fire & Dynamite’ and the previously mentioned ‘Angola’s Lament.’ They have that cool Avett Brothers vibe, mixed with Bob Schneider’s Austin cool groove and then add some classic rock like REO Speedwagon and that paints a fair portrait of what Riggs and the Night People sound like. It’s all good to these ears, a fresh sound in a cluster of wanna-bees that can only hope to someday be this good.

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